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Each of Dewey’s services are unique in that he combines business and marketing expertise with real estate skills, contacts and market knowledge. With each client, Dewey tailors a marketing plan to best achieve that person’s specific real estate goals.

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Traditional Real Estate Marketing
Auction Real Estate Marketing
Exclusive Buyer Representation


Traditional Real Estate Marketing

Most real estate transactions fall under the Traditional category, and Dewey has been very successful in this approach. When selling a property, he acts as your consultant to help you establish the value and the potential market for your property. That may include up-front appraisals and maintenance, if needed, to ensure that your property is well positioned for a timely sale at top market price.

Dewey develops and implements a comprehensive marketing plan, which typically includes a combination of print media, internet exposure and personal outreach to buyers and investors. Dewey is also a member of the Triangle Multiple Listing Service, which provides exposure for your property to the entire greater Triangle area.
Auction Real Estate Marketing

Auction Real Estate Marketing is an accelerated and intense marketing method that involves the public sale of property through open and competitive bidding. The auction method has proven to be very effective because it eliminates many of the problems encountered by traditional-method sellers.
First, you know when your property will sell. The terms of the sale are preset, and all potential buyers come to you at the same time. And finally, you know you are selling to financially qualified buyers with no contingencies.
It is estimated that approximately 95% of all real estate is sold in the traditional manner. Therefore, an auction makes your property special and different, and creates high demand for your property on auction day.
Dewey provides guidance for your auction from initial contact to the final closing. He prepares a detailed marketing plan, implements innovative promotions, targets prospective buyers, schedules and coordinates, prepares the site, coordinates the actual auction event, and helps close the transaction.
Dewey’s marketing for auctions includes intense build up to the auction date in order to expose your property to a wide range of potential buyers. The marketing plan typically includes a large mailing to qualified buyers and investors, professionally designed and printed brochures, signage and advertising, and web-based marketing.

Exclusive Buyer Representation

In order to know what to expect from a real estate agent, you should first understand your relationship with that agent. While all real estate agents are governed by a code of ethics to ensure fairness and honesty, that doesn’t mean they can or will always work in your best interest.
A Seller’s Agent or Subagent has an agreement with the owner to list and sell the property. The agent works to protect and promote the best interests of the seller and to obtain the best terms and highest selling price.
A Dual Agent represents both the buyer and the seller at the same time. In this situation, the agent has equal responsibility to both. This agreement works best when the buyer is prepared to pay the seller's asking price and both parties want to close the deal quickly.
If you are buying property, you might prefer to work with a Buyer’s Agent and therefore have Exclusive Buyer Representation. In this situation, you can be confident that the agent will only promote your best interests.
As your buyer’s agent, Dewey’s primary objective would be to get you the lowest price possible on the property you want. He searches for properties that fit your needs and represents you during the bargaining process to negotiate the best price and terms.